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Agriculture in India

Agriculture plays a vital role in India's economy. Over 58 per cent of the rural households depend on agriculture as their principal means of livelihood. Agriculture, along with fisheries and forestry, is one of the largest contributors to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). We are the largest producer of spices, pulses, milk, tea, cashew and jute; and the second largest producer of wheat, rice, fruits and vegetables, sugarcane, cotton and oilseeds globally.

Over the recent past, multiple factors have worked together to facilitate growth in the agriculture sector in India. These include growth in household income and consumption, expansion in the food processing sector and increase in agricultural exports. Rising private participation in Indian agriculture, growing organic farming and use of information technology are some of the key trends in the agriculture industry.

Commodity Auction

At Great Market Aggregator Private Limited, we firmly believe that the nation's growth starts and stops with the growth of agriculture and the farming community. is our humble attempt to bring prosperity to the Indian Farmers by giving them an opportunity to sell their produce at the best rates nationwide. As our commitment to their wellbeing we have kept our auction service on absolutely FREE. We do not charge any transaction fee or registration fee or any other charge for trade of commodities on the portal. In fact we do not even route the transaction through us. The transaction happens directly between the buyer and seller.

The e-auction process on has been made very simple and user friendly. A farmer can put up his produce for sale at a price he thinks reasonable. The offer is visible pan India and traders, exporters or food processors can offer their bids. The farmer sells to the highest bidder.

Similarly a trader, exporter or food processor can put his buy offer for the commodity he requires and an asking price. The buy offer is again visible to farmers pan India and they can make bids to sell their produce.

Cost to Market

Every manufacturer, vendor and service provider in agro sector is aware of the extremely high 'cost to market' their products and services to the farming community. Similarly the farmer also does not have awareness of the myriad of products, technology and services available today and is therefore compelled to pay higher price to the local vendors for the products he needs.

With, we intend to change that. We are aiming to link with a wide array of manufactures, vendors and service providers in agro sector to showcase their products on the portal absolutely FREE. We will also provide assistance to them to list their products and services on the portal. The farming community will thus have a wider exposure to the products, technologies and services available today and competitive rates.

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