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You see how the economy of a nation depends on the way they can harness the agricultural produce in a profitable manner. Until now, there was a lack of an organised behaviour in the agricultural market.Read More
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The agricultural sector in India is seeing improvements due to the initiative of the government and the growth of infrastructure. From the point of the farmer in India, the market is more of a maze that grows in complexity and the process of making simple profit eludes him. The reasons are all too clear to understand given the long custom of unethical practices and the even longer list of intermediaries who make things difficult for both the buyer and the seller of agricultural goods.

Importance of agriculture

Given that the contribution of the agricultural sector to the GDP is 32.4% in 1990-91 and 20% in 2005-06 with the service sector contributing 50% making India come closer to the developed country status. The improvement in agriculture is evident from the figures that show the share of agriculture in the GDP in 1989 is 39% with the agricultural per capita at Rs 4742 (56%) while the same in the year 2010 is 16% and Rs 10,784. The population dependent on agriculture has decrease while the per capita has improved.

And yet, there were a few things that kept plaguing the agricultural sector. The first few things are the absence of an organised infrastructure within the Indian economy that cares for the plight of the farmer. There exist too many intermediaries and too little facilities for the growers. Then there are many sad situations that include lack of proper storage facilities for their produce, no availability of seed, pesticides, machinery, and information regarding farming practices.

Help given by Online Agricultural Market
Often, the farmers lacked the direction to take when their produce was ready for the market. The Indian government is taking initiative to resolve this crisis. The Online Agriculture Market helps the farmers find the market they need and fix the price they want. This way, they have consumers right on their doorsteps. This helps them to sell their agricultural produce without any trouble.

The other big worry for the farmers was the absence of facilities and supplies. They could not get the fertilizers and seeds in time and this way they lost time and money. Now, the online agricultural portal has opened its doors to the farmers to get all types of agricultural supplies.

Despite the best efforts of the farmers, there has always been the inability to sell all that they produce. This worry is also overcome with the online market. Previously, they had no way to reach out on an all Indian scale to sell their produce. Now, they could announce their products online and wait for buyers to pick them up.
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The economy of a nation depends on its agricultural sector as much as it does on the others. In India, the agricultural sector contributes to a great extent.Read More
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No Indian can hope to survive without spices especially when it comes to their daily meal. True, the likes of turmeric, chili powder, and coriander are common place and considered to be essential ingredients of their daily meal. Not so the poppy seed though that is thought to be an expensive and exotic spice meant for improving the flavor of certain dishes.
Sure, you will get it at your local grocery shop but you can also consider opting to buy poppy seeds online India. Buying this spice loose in small quantities is certainly not going to benefit you eventually. For one, the quality is suspect and the quantity might not be quite as much you need.

It is always better to select a packaged product from a known brand therefore. However, there is always a difference in the price when you decide to source it online. A top online resource offering you superior spices will be able to provide it at a lesser rate while not compromising on quality either. You need not be surprised at the inordinately lower price though. The websites directly deal with the agriculturists and there is no agent or whole seller in between responsible for elevating the price. So go ahead and buy this superb spice from a trusted online store without any qualms.

Do make use of its benefits big time and remain healthy and nutritious meanwhile. Learn about the varied advantages of consuming poppy seeds in reasonable quantities…

1. The seeds help in quenching thirst thereby not dehydrating you.

2. It can also bring down your fever, inflammation, and control any irritation of the abdomen.

3. Lace your cold drink and desserts with poppy seeds to enhance the flavor and cool your body.

4. Do get your daily dose of magnesium, copper, zinc, and manganese with the aid of poppy seeds.

5. Moisturize you skin by adding a bit of milk to a paste made out of poppy seeds.

6. The Linoleic acid rich seeds can definitely save you from the extensive heat during summer.

7. A handful of poppy seeds can help to treat respiratory disorders and subside painful conditions while helping you to overcome sleep disorders big time.

8. The alkaloids present in these seeds are often recommended for nerve ailments. However, we sure not to go overboard when consuming them.

9. It also contains Omega-3-fatty acids that helps you body to increase its immunity and general wellbeing.
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Of late, there has been an attempt to improve the trading zone for agricultural products in India. Why this is important is that it solves several prominent issues and it is long overdue. Over 58% of the households in India depend on agriculture for their livelihood. Along with fisheries and forestry, agriculture forms one of the biggest contributors to the GDP.

Solution for farmers

The first is the issue of knowledge and access the farmer has in the market. He should go through complicated processes and wait for a long time to access the market. Invariably, the cost involved is also high. The concept of the Online Agricultural Market is one that has grown out of the needs of the Indian farmer.

India leads in many fields

India leads the world in the production of several agricultural products such as tea, milk, pulses, spices, jute, and cashew. We are also the second largest producer in products such as cotton, oilseeds, sugarcane, vegetables, fruits, rice, and wheat. The creation of an online shop for farmers helps them to get in touch with the customers who want their products.

Easy access and interaction

When you have an easy method of interaction, it takes the stress out of the system. Both parties have an easy time and make profit from the interaction. In addition, the buyer is able to see the entire range of goods available while the seller has the option of manipulating the market where he sells. Being online, the entire thing is easy to transact from both ends. This helps the business to grow and increase the turnover and profits.

Much saving in time and money

By eliminating the middleman, we save time and money. The consumers need to pay less and the transaction time is lesser. The farmer can send his goods to its destination much ahead of the normal schedule. Just as the farmer can access the all India market through the online portal, the people who wish to buy specific items can reach out to the farmers. They can place orders for a specified amount of agricultural produce at a specified rate.

This two way transaction – one for the farmers to sell and the other for the consumers to buy – will exist on the same website. Everyone will have a view of what is going on and they can buy and sell freely. This is one of the aims of the government and it is hoped that it will come to fruition soon.
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India is an agriculture based economy and more than 57% of its rural population depends on agriculture to sustain their livelihood. Agriculture is the vital contributing factor to the GDP of India. To sustain the growth in the other sectors, efforts must be made to improve the development in the agricultural sector. Separate departments for commodities

The primary need is to reach out to the farmer and help him access the customers easily. For this, the creation of an online agricultural market will help. This market will have departments to cater to assorted items such as cereals, pulses, vegetables, fruits, flowers, fibre crops, spices, and dry fruits. Apart from these, they will have a separate section for various kinds of fertilizers and pesticides.

Advantage of an online portal

Business dealings are always better when you can interact without a middleman. This way, the online agricultural market is a big blessing for both the buyer and the seller of the merchandise. Buyers can freely access the market to find what is on sale and at what price, check the availability and place their orders. The sellers can find out which area in India is having the most demand and sell their goods in that region. The transactions are transparent and quick and this takes the stress out of the selling and buying.

Support for the farmer

The farmer will need numerous services in the manner of storage, insurance services, and transport to begin with. This will go on to include processing and financial services. The agricultural market is designed to provide all such amenities and facilities that the farmer might need.

Poultry and fisheries included

By clubbing the fisheries and the poultry along with the agricultural market, we have expanded the accessibility for the customer. They can get products such as poultry feed, fishing nets, and tractors from one online site. Such kind of multiple factors have worked together to bring success to this venture.

India is a world leader

India leads the world production in jute, tea, pulses, cashew, milk, and spices. Undeniably the need for fertilizer is of prime importance to the farmer. With the establishment of the agricultural market, there is an easy method of accessing the organic fertilizer online India for farmers.

The importance of giving the advantage to the farmer is understood but the method has eluded us so far. With the establishment of the agricultural market, it is now easy for anyone to access and buy things they need straight from the farmer just as it is easy for the farmer to establish an all-India market.
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