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Return Policy - Seller Guidelines

A clear return policy can reassure buyers.

If you have a clear return policy, chances are that you'll be more successful than other sellers.


Return policy options to consider:

  • Refund (for example, returns accepted for full money back or store credit)
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed (for example, returns accepted, no questions asked)
  • Time Limit (for example, returns accepted within 30 days after the item is delivered)


Mention the details up front

Consider including details like the following to make your return policy clear and complete:

  • Shipping and handling charges: Clearly state who would pay for return shipping and handling, you or the buyer and if you will refund the original shipping charges.
  • Item condition: Clearly state the condition of the returned item that would be acceptable to you, for example, "unopened box" or "opened box with all original materials."


How to specify your return policy

In the Sell Your Item form, take the following steps:

  • Select the "Returns accepted" check box.
  • Select the time limit within which the buyer must return the item to you.
  • Select the type of refund you will give if the item is returned.
  • Enter all other details about your return policy in the Return Policy Details text box.

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